EvieLab Pearls redefine safe CBD

As CBD products flood the market, how do you know that what you’re buying is safe? Consumers are at a high risk for purchasing and consuming adulterated, ineffective, and frankly, unsafe, products. Being educated and asking the right questions is critical to ensuring that what you’re purchasing is safe. Where is the CBD sourced? What additives are in the product? What are the safety and hygienic standards in the room where products are processed?

EvieLab redefines the concept of safe CBD. First, we developed the concept of a tiny, ingestible pearl. And we patented that process. Then, we designed machines to compress these pearls that met our stringent safety and production standards. We obtained the patents on those machines. Finally, we created a hygienic container and dispensing method and we patented that too.

The only solid sublingual product on the market

It all starts with the overall safety of consumers who want to enjoy CBD. Vaping continues to be the most popular method of consumption but let’s think about it – Isn’t smoking anything in any form contrary to wellness? Especially for those who want to use CBD to enhance their sports performance or to treat pain. Ingesting CBD via a solid sublingual pearl delivers the power of the medicine without the toxic effects of vaping.

Formulated with the highest degree of bioavailability

We hired scientists with significant cannabis experience to help us develop the optimal formulation of CBD for our products. It was a slow and steady process, working on this formulation for two years. We didn’t stop until we had it right. Our formulation is free of solvents, additives (including sugar) and made with all natural products. There are no GMOs.

Precise dosing

There are no real standards for dosing CBD but we recommend 25 mg per day as the most effective dose for most adults. Our dispenser delivers an exact dose of 5 mg in each pearl which takes the guesswork out of your dosing. You can mix and match pearls, up to 5 per day, depending on your desired effect such as our Sport pearl before your workout, Focus while you’re at work, a Relax pearl after work, and Sleep at nighttime. That’s the beauty of individual dosing and multiple effects – it’s all within your control.

White room lab

We’re not producing products in some rented back room. We designed a 2,500 square foot white room lab with hyper-hygienic environmental standards, including an air circulation system that ensures purity from floor to ceiling. Our employees wear masks, glasses, and “bunny suits” so there’s no risk of contamination. We even package our products in a white room with these same sanitary standards.

Hygienic for sharing

Our EvieLabs pearl dispenser is made of medical-grade plastic. EvieLab pearls were made for sharing. But you won’t be putting your mouth on a shared vape or using a tincture dropper that touches multiple tongues. You and your friends will never touch the pearls with your fingers. Our dispenser is designed to “pop” the pearl into your mouth without any cross-contamination.

We perform advanced test on each batch that comes out from our lab. You can find your batch number above the barcode on the back of our packaging.

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